Deal Clinic – 9th February 2013

“Ben is very very good at explaining each strategy and each option to us and the seller”
Jim Halls

“I’ve been generating a number of my own leads, but have struggled with closing the deal, Ben demonstrated loads of techniques that can be brought into play and even closed a
deal on the day! Awesome stuff, thanks Ben”
Tony Law

“On any Ben Rogers educational day you are bound to have fun and go away with your head brimming with very worthwhile and vital information and ideas guaranteed!”
Sean O’Rourke

“Fantastic day – shows you what deals can be done with one day on the phone”
Martin Matthews

“Do bring a lead with you when told to, and hear it becoming a deal!!”
Treena Maun

“Great day – bring at least one lead of your own”
Vidas Balciunas

“Huge amount of information delivered in one day- nothing we can’t all do when we decide to take action”
Elizabeth Alexander

“Phenomenal, and lunch too! Bargain. Well recommended”
Ophelia Chukwuedo

“Great hands on tools to use tonight/tomorrow”
Katrina Ohara

“Absolutely fab! Thank you Ben”
Claudette Henry

“A really useful day- leaves ready to start monetising my learning straight away. Really aware there is much more to learn by not over faced. Great day – thanks”
Judith Hawley

“Very worthwhile/easy and relaxed atmosphere”
Richard Simmons

“Thank you Ben it was all very informative. The depth of information that rolled out was in quite a bit of detail which added more to the knowledge I already had”
Katerina Akrivo

“Start options straight away – you are given the tools you need”
Lynn Fisk

“A good value for money day. Simple, straightforward, easy to implement…..tomorrow…”
Bernie Wales

“I definitely feel I have enough tools to go out and successfully do option deals now! Watch this space”
Jeanette Laley

“Really useful. I feel I can get started with this tomorrow!”
Peter Bowler

“This has motivated and enabled me to take more action”
Paul Merrison

“Clearly explains how to do options and a potential catalyst to financial recovery after bankruptcy”
Alex Jones

“Ben gives great overview of the Options, lots of details, examples and tips were shared with the classroom. Very happy to answer all the questions as he went through his presentation. Very good!”
Monika Szablicka

“Really great learning, highly recommended for everyone interested in property
Tom Szablicki

“An excellent 1 day primer with all questions answered and a heap of go do it now materials. Very good value”
Sean Brett

“Very good value for money, more depth covered than I expected. Will highly recommend to others”
Tara Martin-Sabowale

“Great event, lots of good info, Ben is an experienced person and I found his presentation very informative”
Luca De Gioia

“Excellent days training and great value for money”
Nick East

Birmingham 1 Day 22nd September 2012

“Could you keep me on the email list for the ‘house’ residential course?
Paul Munson

“Lots of really practical tips and ideas that will really help me move forward to close deals and also generate more leads, Great tips on some of the more practical ways to structure deals too”
Diane Greenwood

“Ben was great”
Jay Sharma

“An excellent investment of time at very low cost into a potentially long term multi stream of income”
Steve Pearce

“A wealth of information shared and a simple list of ‘to-do’ items”
Neil Mullard

“Ben is very good at explaining, no question is a silly one, and all questions will be answered before Ben goes home”
Jim Halls

“Great day – very helpful, easy to understand, very flexible approach masses packed in”
Joyce Wood

“A great day, lots of info and made some useful contacts too”
Jason Jenden

“Today was a good day for learning the basics about lease options. Ben’s teaching style is very friendly and approachable. I would recommend Ben’s training to anyone wanting to get a good introduction to lease options or to simply get a refresher”
Dennis McAleavey

“This course is an excellent insight into lease options and demystifies what is essentially a simple process”
Helen Stirling

“Fantastic day, I have learned so much in one day. It just remains to put all this info into practice”
Christine Graham

“A stimulating and enlightening course for those wishing to profit from property, but when have limited funds. Excellent value”
Alay Whyte

“Thoroughly enjoyed today’s refresher with Ben. Really useful quality information delivered in a relaxed and fun environment. Found the live calls to prospective vendor very beneficial. Time sped by, which is always a good sign”
Sean O’Rourke

“Good quality info delivered in an engaging way and great value for money. Recommend anyone to do it”
Anthony Hegarty

“This one day training was well worth the money and although I knew some of what has been taught, I have certainly learned a lot more”
John Haughton

“Thank you Ben for an inspiring day, the hand holding and guiding us through the steps we need to do. The telephone calling was an excellent slot for us to see”
Grace Kelly

What we did well

“Encouraging action, and Keeping it fun”
Paul Munson

“Lots of content, live calls”
Diane Greenwood

“Language and wording to use”
Jay Sharma

“Great structured illustrations of all the processes, techniques and tools to help in being successful, plus live calls to potential clients”
Steve Pearce

“Explaining ideas with examples”
Neil Millard

“The whole day is presented well”
Jim Halls

“Lots of info, great handouts, video will be excellent”
Joyce Wood

“A packed day of great info”
Jason Jenden

“Good basic information provided. The sessions involving live calls were very educational”
Dennis McAleavey

“Examples to illuminate talk”
Helen Stirling

“The language to use when speaking to sellers, estate agents, tired landlords etc”
Christine Graham

“Phone calls were excellent”
Donald Holden

“Everything is explained in an easy way”
Maureen Jones

“A stimulating course. Lots of good ideas on marketing”
Alan Whyte

“Clear Language, clear literature”
Zoe Milward

“Presented well, explained simply and created a fun environment. Enjoyed ‘live’ calls – very instructive”
Sean O’Rourke

“Excellent course”
Chris Stuart

“Lease option explaining, talking through the steps”
Grace Kelly.

OPTIONS PROFIT MAX – Live Training – 7th December 2011

“Invaluable knowledge for anyone who is serious about using Lease Options as a strategy”
Neil Cox

“Ben has given me marketing strategies to use straight away and also how to simplify the language of what is perceived a complicated topic.”
Simon Gee

“Is Ben Rogers ugly? No but the marketing is, but ugly is good – ugly is not the norm. See what the masses are doing and do the opposite! I like ugly!”
Melanie Venis

“It’s great to have this face to face training. Particularly learned about Instalment Contracts which I didn’t know in the past, Looking to apply the Strategy. Many thanks to Ben.”
Chi Ho.

“Making Options simple, therefore the understanding is great and I feel able to move forward in”
Treena Maun

“I feel really confident to go out now and do some deals, The whole process has come together now, and does not seem that difficult.”
Naheed Brooking

“Very good day, very informative and has opened up my mind to the many ways o structural deals as we are starting with a blank sheet. “
Mark Clemmings

“Great day, and a great introduction to Options and tips on how to get it all to work.”
Ged Morris

“You were very clear and clean cut, just how I like it. We hope to take from this experience the tools we need to begin moving forward in a new career in Options and doing full time property investing.”
Jona Clemmings.

“Ben has the knack of explaining in simple language that we can all understand and answers questions along the way.”
Robert Taylor

“Well presented with lots of content with lots of great language tips to use”
Colin Mir

“Really good day – left with many “ideas” to progress my business in the future.”
Kevin McMullen

“Would recommend this type of meeting for those that want to learn but are scared to spend hard cash on the unknown.”
David Muir

“Ben is a great presenter of the topic that can help anyone who wants to make money from property; I encourage people to find out more about using Options to control property by attending Ben Rogers course.”
Andy Haynes

“Ben’s course is a fantastic introduction for those new to Options, with enough nuggets and tips to be useful to more experienced investors as well. A thoroughly worthwhile day.”
Geraldine Haynes.

“Great value. Solid stuff and not any fluff at all.”
Magdalene Tan

“A great days training that provides huge amounts of information that is both factual and relevant.”
Graham Dew

“A great day, great group of like minded people. Willing students.”
George Fletcher

“Excellent insight, really got a lot out of the training. I have a new enthusiasm to go out and do it.”
Oliver Jenkins

“Great to get a comprehensive education in all aspects of lease options from someone who walks the talk – A real expert.”
Peter Stanley

“My day spent with Ben talking about Options was time and money extremely well spent – Thanks Ben.”
Dave Barker

“Very helpful”
Jalil Miah

“Fantastatic language patterns.”
Saj Hussain.